The interactive itinerant fair is an educational and playful option for children and students from public schools, originally conceived for schools under the National Program of Educational Equality (PIIE) promoted by the province of Córdoba.

The fair’s main objective is to trigger in its participants an experience of action and reflection towards the constitutive elements of the audiovisual language: space, time, image, movement and sound.

Through small sequences planned, children participate in situations that have the goal of deconstructing and unveiling the elements and mechanisms that constitute this complex yet everyday language. At the same time, teachers can observe the work produced and revalue the students’ skills from a curricular job.

This itinerant characteristic is justified in the need of reaching with this educational offer far places and of both symbolical and physical difficult access. In 2004 during the presentation of the PIIE, minister Daniel Filmus stated; “the only way to achieve deep social equality in Argentina has to do with young children having access to material and cultural goods in an equal way, and school plays a major role in this sense”.